green crystal power

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Green Crystal Power

Green Crystal Power

Discover the power of Smaragdite Green Crystal, history has proven that this is the first time a crystal has so much power and positive energy.

“Hold the crystal in your hands, feel its positive vibes and make your greatest wishes come true”. Plinius

green crystal power

After 2000 years, Smaragdite Green Crystal reveals its Power and Secrets.

Year 1675. At a bazaar in Myanmar, India, the place with the greatest quantity of precious stones in the world, the touring archaeologist and precious stones merchant Jean-Baptiste Tavernier discovers and buys an ancient stone, carved with hieroglyphics. After working hard for 5 years, he manages along with his assistants to break the codes of the hieroglyphics and realizes with surprise that the text refers to the omnipotence of a precious stone, the Smaragdite (Argyradamas), always carried by the maharajas of Myanmar and Zeberjad, which were the wealthiest cities of India. Carrying this crystal that brought them luck and wealth, they would always get what they wanted, keeping all the while the secret to themselves.

A Green crystal with great supernatural and collector’s value

Ever since, history has proven that this is the first time a crystal has so much power and positive energy. Even Plinius speaks about the smaragdite and the emeralds worn by rich Athenians, whose luck was envied by many. The words of this ancient researcher describing the first contact with the crystal are unmistakable. He says: “Hold the crystal in your hands, feel its positive vibes and make your greatest wishes come true”.

It’s used by anyone willing to risk something in order to gain success.
A very small quantity of this Green crystal will be given to everyone who knows and is interested in obtaining the precious crystal bringing luck, power and wealth to its holder.

Great Crystal Power, that helps you win every game of chance
The priceless crystal of smaragdite (Argyradamas) is now available in a restricted number of numbered items, at the fantastic price of 27 € (plus ... € for transport), so that people who really need its help can have it by paying this small price. The smaragdite weighs 10-15 carats, it comes with a certificate of authenticity and instructions on how to use it for the wanted purpose. Apart from its supernatural powers, it is also a collector’s item.

The power of a precious stone and how to get it.

Believe in the help the emeraldite can offer you and be sure that the results will surprise even the more sceptical ones among you.

The SMARAGDITE (Argyradamas) and its significance .

It’s finally time to take luck into your own hands. Don’t you always want to win? Don’t you want to win everywhere—in card games, games of chance, at the casino, the stock-market, your job, in love? Don’t you want to always act positive, not be afraid of anything and always be winners?

If you do want all that, then you don’t have to wait anymore. Order now your lucky crystal and you’ll see your luck change right away. Everything will be easier for you. History has demonstrated that never again has so big a power been accumulated into a crystal. And that crystal is the Smaragdite (Argyradamas).

All crystals reflect and hide within them great piezoelectric powers. Crystals live with us, they are almost always on us (quartz watches, rings of semi-precious and precious stones, etc.). There are great crystalotherapy medical centres all around the world. Each crystal has its own, particular powers. If we learn how to use them, then everything will be easier for us.

In the realm of crystals, Smaragdite (Argyradamas) is the stone with the greatest powers—a stone affecting all other crystals and ourselves, if we know how to use its positive and good power.
Smaragdite (Argyradamas) works along with the conscious mind, strengthens your mind and reduces your sentimental involvement in a given situation, helping you to achieve the best results. It strengthens the holder’s analytical skills and helps vocalizing theories and absorbing information. Affecting the conscious (intellectual) mind, Smaragdite (Argyradamas) drowns strong feelings and calms your thinking over the high sea of despair, depression and anger. Smaragdite (Argyradamas) may be used as a lucky charm by those playing games of chance. It may also be used for attracting money.


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